Saturday, May 31, 2014

How to change the RPCClientAccessServer for Exchange 2013

With Exchange 2013 if you have a DAG the DR server can often take on the RCPClientAccessServer name for the database.  
So you think you can use the shell command huh? Set-MailboxDatabase "Mailbox Database Name" -RpcClientAccessServer ""
Nope this command does not exist anymore with Exchange 2013 server. So you have to use ADSIEDIT to change the legacy DN name. See below for how to change it.
Took me a while to track this down. I found a lot of hits about it a legacy DN and hwo to change it with Exchange 2010 but nothing led me to the actual location within ADSIEDIT
-Open the Configuration Container
-CN=Microsoft Exchange
-CN=domain name
-CN=Administrative Groups
-CN=Exchange Administrative Group (FYxxxxxxxxxDLT)
Select the DatabaseName, right-click Properties
In the Attribute Editor tab, find LegacyExchangeDN, select edit
Replace the existing servername with servername that you want
Select OK

Now to verify - from the Exchange Shell run this command below
Get-MailboxDatabase "MailboxDatabaseName" | fl Name, RpcClientAccessServer
The RPCClientAccessServer should now point to the servername that you changed above with ADSIEDIT


  1. You rock!!! Thank you so much for finding this.

  2. I followed the above and found the LegacyExchangeDN in ADSIEdit. Changed the server from to

    Now when i input the command to check if the RPCClientAccessServer is now i see none. It's empty. What now?

  3. HI...

    Thanks for sharing it. My problem got resolved.

    Keep sharing the valuable post.

    Keep it up. :)


    Shreyans Jain

  4. So.....

    earlier what use to work with ....

    Set-MailboxDatabase "Mailbox Database Name" -RpcClientAccessServer ""

    a single command....

    now needs to be done by ADSIEDIT.msc...

    Keep it up Microsoft.... need to wait for Ex2016 to check how much more complicated they want to make this....

    Good that My company made decision to shift GoogleDocs and Gmail...

    So long Microsoft... First company in history that is loud enought to say Dont use my product in Future...

    Thanks for putting this together and resolving an issue which was not exactly an isue but now created by MICROSOFT Morons...

  5. An important questions is Why do you need to change this value on Exch 2013 DBs?? It is only there for backward compatibility with Exch 2010 and Exchange 2013 does not use it at all. See

  6. Still, Is it advisable to use adsiedit to replace the old 2010 CASArray FQDN with the loadbalacing layer 4 FDQN?